Our values reflect what we stand for, and what our members and stakeholders can expect from us. They are our enduring beliefs and ideals. Our values direct our organization’s behavior and decision-making.

Access: We believe in freedom to access and enjoy our natural, unfettered landscapes

Wisdom: Our wisdom comes from honoring the value of large, natural, holistic public landscapes.

Integrity: We stand in the integrity of our word and our work.

Respect: We strive to earn respect by listening to different opinions and thoroughly researching the issues.

Commitment: We are committed to the hard work required to be vigilant on natural public land issues.


We define Public Lands as those held in trust for the citizens of the United States and for enjoyment by all. These include lands held by federal, state and local government e.g. Forest Service or County.

Our public lands are what make Colorado our cherished home; as such, they are indivisible from our daily lives.


Public lands should remain public, unless a trade provides overwhelming public benefit.

Access to public lands is critical. Without access, these become essentially private lands.

Land management challenges must be met by public management, not through privatization. Such stewardship is a sacred trust that must be open and accessible.

The power of people is transformative. CWPL is committed to being a proactive citizen voice. We foster public lands awareness and education.

We work and persevere to protect the public's interests in their land.

Public lands are not chess pieces for the rich. They belong to us all, and we all have a say.

Paul Anderson

Fair Game, Aspen Times

This ticket to roam free in the American backyard is no constitutional guarantee. The great, unfenced public domain, much of it forested or hidebound in sage and mesquite, is the envy of the rest of the world only because a few visionary souls bucked the powers of their day.

Timothy Egan

NY Times Columnist