A Win For Land Exchange Transparency

Click to read the press release and the decision.

Locke Park Land Exchange

The Locke Park Land Exchange is proposed between the US Forest Service and the Lutheran Church. It's located in Fremont and Custer Counties. See more about the proposed project here and see CWPL's scoping comments here.

BLM Proposed 43 CFR Rule Changes

The BLM has proposed changes to their rules, see 43 CFR Parts 1600 and 6100. To ensure health and resilience, the proposed rule provides that the BLM will protect intact landscapes, restore degraded habitat, and make wise management decisions based on science and data. They propose that "Conservation" should be recognized as a "use". See the details here and CWPL's comments here.

We Are Hiring!

CWPL seeks a new Director for our small and exciting organization! Check out the job description here. Position open until filled.

Land Exchanges Serve the Wealthy

Check out a recent opinion piece written by our very own board member Erica Rosenberg! It gives a broad overview of some of the typical challenges we face when dealing with land exchanges. It has received a lot of attention recently and is a great read. Check it out here.

CWPL Files Protest Against Blue Valley Ranch Decision

On March 2, CWPL filed a protest against the BLM's January approval of the Blue Valley Ranch land exchange. Many problems with the exchange remain unresolved and the BLM has again failed to adequately represent the public's interest. Our concerns center around inadequate protections for federal lands, language that restricts public usage and fails to guarantee touted public benefits, faulty appraisals, and policy violations that would set dangerous land exchange precedent. Check out the protest here.