Proposed Land Transfer from the BLM to the Colorado State Land Board

COWPL has submitted comments for the scoping phase of the proposed transfer by the BLM of approximately 17,700 acres of federal surface/federal mineral estate, and an additional 6,000 acres of federal mineral estate only, in 16 counties, to the Colorado State Land Board. The Federal government want to settle a historic debt for 9,900 acres. Comments submitted will inform the next phase of the BLM’s NEPA process. The BLM identified preliminary issues through internal scoping. Our comments addressed those issues as well as:

  • Increase public outreach and provide further information.
  • Provide the rationale for calculating the value or amount of land that is owed by the Colorado BLM to the State of Colorado today.
  • In a statewide project, parcel specific information can be overlooked. Provide in-depth analysis of the natural and cultural attributes, and existing and proposed uses, of each of the parcels under consideration.

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Valle Seco COWPL Comments Submitted

COWPL has submitted comments on the proposed Valle Seco Land Exchange. Comments will inform the next phase of the Forest’s NEPA analysis of the proposal. COWPL identified a range of topics including the following:

  • Public access, recreation and natural and cultural values need further analysis.
  • Mitigation and management techniques should be described.
  • Current land appraisals of the properties should be made available to the public and future appraisals should utilize multiple techniques to fully consider the value of the lands.
  • Include detailed analysis of alternatives to "The Proposed Action" and "No Action".

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Blue Valley Proposed Land Exchange EIS & Comments Submitted

The proposed Blue Valley land exchange would privatize 15 linear miles of river frontage on the Blue River, a Gold Medal trout stream, just north of Silverthorne. In June, we submitted comments on the BLM's draft Environmental Impact Statement expressing our concern about loss of public access, riverfront parcels, public land with high natural resource values, and questions of land valuations. Read the comments COWPL submitted at 2018 BVR DEIS COWPL Comments 062218.

See more about the proposed land exchange and the draft EIS on the BLM's website.

Buffalo Horn Land Exchange EA & Comments Submitted

The issue in this proposed Buffalo Horn land exchange near Meeker is whether the BLM will gain hunting grounds that are equal in quality to those they propose to trade away; and concern over the proposed reduction of the grazing rights of several family ranches. In May, we analyzed the alternatives, submitted comments and recommended that the proposed exchange would not be in the public interest. Read our comments at Buffalo Horn LEX EA Comments from COWPL_060618. w EXHIBITS.
See more details on the proposed land exchange on the BLM's website.

COWPL Files Suit Against BLM

On Monday, June 26, 2017, the Colorado Wild Public Lands (COWPL) filed a complaint in Federal District Court against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for its approval of the Sutey-Two Shoes Land Exchange near Carbondale.

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Press Release Regarding The Sutey Land Exchange

Colorado Wild Public Lands enjoyed a small victory on Thursday upon hearing the news that the Interior Board of Land Appeals, a legal arm of the Department of the Interior, granted a request to temporarily stay the closing of the Sutey Land Exchange.

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