Buffalo Horn

Near Meeker, CO

Overview: On January 14, 2021 the BLM issued their decision to approve a land exchange with Buffalo Horn Properties, LLC to convey 14 parcels of Federal lands in Rio Blanco and Moffat Counties, aggregating 2,652 acres, and to acquire one parcel of non-Federal lands of 1,327.06 acres. The heart of this proposal is whether the BLM is gaining hunting grounds that are equal in quality to those they are trading away. This exchange would also reduce the grazing rights of several local family ranches.

Status: On March 8, 2021 CWPL filed a protest to the BLM’s decision to approve the exchange.
On Tuesday, Sept 11, 2023 the BLM dismissed the protest that CWPL lodged in 2021; we are considering next steps.
On Friday, Oct. 13, 2023 CWPL filed an appeal and requested a Stay with the Interior Board of Land Appeals.

Federal Agency: Bureau of Land Management (BLM), White River District

Proponents: Buffalo Horn Properties, LLC

Location: In Rio Blanco and Moffat Counties, near Meeker

Public Land To Be Conveyed To Proponent: 14 parcels of Federal lands aggregating 2,652 acres

Non-Federal Land To Be Acquired By Public: One parcel of non-Federal lands of 1,327 acres

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